If I really want to offer my customers first-class dental prosthetics, I need strong players as an implantologist. My steps as an implantologist are the basis for my work in dental technology and vice versa I am the one who wants to hand over the finished, perfect dental prosthesis to my patients with pleasure. This is the only way to make my work fun and my customers happy. To ensure that I always achieve this goal, process transparency and efficient data generation and further processing through digitalization are as high as possible and my dental laboratory and I are in close contact from the planning phase onwards. As a team, we have taken decisive development steps in our cooperation over the years so that my digital results always have the right recipient. This has welded us together over the years and shaped the processes we use today to offer the highest quality and precision in implant dentistry.

Digitale Zahnmedizin

Dr. Dr. Olaf Klewer M.Sc.

Since 1993 as a tried and tested dentist in Aachen and Stolbeg. With a focus on digital dentistry for many years as an implantologist as well as a speaker and speaker internationally active in research, training and industry. Founder of 5 dental practices and a master laboratory in the Euregio. Co-developer of dental software and implant systems.


Jessica Roemers

For many years, Ms. Roemers has been the first point of contact for patients with implant questions and is responsible for consultation and coordination during the course of treatment. As the managing assistant of Dr. Dr. Klewer, Ms. Roemers also specializes in dental implants.